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Description of Services and Fees

Allen Financial Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser based in Oxford, Michigan. We are organized as a limited liability company under the laws of the State of Michigan. We have been providing investment advisory services since 2010. Kenneth S. Allen is our Managing Member and Owner. Currently, we offer the following investment advisory services, which are personalized to each individual client:

  • On-Going Investment Management Services
  • Financial Planning Services

The following paragraphs describe our services and fees. Please refer to the description of each investment advisory service listed below for information on how we tailor our advisory services to your individual needs. As used in this brochure, the words “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Allen Financial Management, LLC and the words “you”, “your” and “client” refer to you as either a client or prospective client of our firm.  Also, you may see the term Associated Person throughout this brochure. As used in this brochure, our Associated Persons are our firm’s officers, employees, and all individuals providing investment advice on behalf of our firm. The use of these terms is not intended to imply that there is more than one individual associated with this firm.  

On-Going Investment Management Services

Our service is divided into three phases.

Phase 1: Plan development and design.

Phase 2: Implementation of the Plan. This includes investment portfolio set up, estate planning documents, and other items agreed upon between you and our firm.

Phase 3: On-going financial and investment advice. This includes asset management. Our fee for this service is up to 1.5% of the assets under management. This fee is layered on top of any management fees associated with specific investments such as those internal to mutual funds and stock account advisory services provided by third party firms. Our ongoing advisory fees are paid on a quarterly basis in arrears. Further, our fees are assessed on the average quarterly market value as of the last day of the calendar quarter. If funds have been withdrawn during a quarter, a partial fee will be due for those funds based on the number of days they were included. The fee is billed when and with the quarterly report mailed to you. Where you have directed that this fee be deducted directly from your accounts held by a qualified custodian, this is done after notification has been sent to you.

If the Investment management agreement is executed at any time other than the first day of a calendar quarter, our fees will apply on a pro rata basis, which means that the advisory fee is payable in proportion to the number of days in the quarter for which you are a client. Our advisory fee is negotiable, depending on individual client circumstances.

We will send you an invoice for the payment of our advisory fee, or we will deduct our fee directly from your account through the qualified custodian holding your funds and securities. We will deduct our advisory fee only when you have given our firm written authorization permitting the fees to be paid directly from your account. Further, the qualified custodian will deliver an account statement to you at least quarterly. These account statements will show all disbursements from your account. You should review all statements for accuracy. We will also receive a duplicate copy of your account statements.

You may terminate the portfolio management agreement upon 1-days’ written notice to our firm. You will incur a pro rata charge for services rendered prior to the termination of the portfolio management agreement, which means you will incur advisory fees only in proportion to the number of days in the quarter for which you are a client.

We encourage you to reconcile our invoices with the statement(s) you receive from the qualified custodian.  If you find any inconsistent information between our invoice and the statement(s) you receive from the qualified custodian please call our main office number located on the cover page of this brochure.

1120 S. Lapeer Road, Oxford MI 48371
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Our Mission is to To provide our customers superior financial planning and investment management services, fostering opportunities for wealth and portfolio growth, while providing potential for social and economic returns for our clients.